Can you imagine the future?

Let’s Build your future!



Can you imagine the future?

Let’s Build your future!



I am a Design Coach. I help small businesses built new products, develop custom online experiences and more innovative business models. My mission is to spread the word about the design thinking methodology. This is my way of helping spirited teams solve real world problems.

We all need more innovators. Bringing ideas to live is what I do. Take a look at the core principles of design thinking below.

About Design Thinking

6 Steps. One Process.

Design thinking has come a long way since its first inception. After practicing innovation management for over ten years i came up with these 6 principles to manage the creative process. Each one builds on the other and gives teams guidelines for professional development.


Everything begins with a deep understanding of who your audience is. Their motivations, fears, habits and context of life. Empathy is crucial throughout every step of the design thinking process.


Don’t just develop one idea. Especially in the beginning of the design process it is important to venture of the beaten path. The more ideas you develop the higher the chances you can combine the best aspects of many distinct models.


The objective of protoyping your product is simple. You want to test your idea in front of a real audience. Only then you get a real glimpse of your market. The more you prototype the better your final product will be.


Testing is about reflecting your assumptions. The best teams I worked with over the years have a rigourous testing process in place. You want to build a business model can withstand the troubles of today’s business world.


Every design challenge is a journey. In seeing everything you do as a step forward on your learning path you stay vigilant for new scenarios. Communicating what you have learned and making sense of what your are building is everybody’s responsability.


The whole point of the design thinking process and each principle is to prepare you to adapt your strategy. If you haven’t changed anything during the process you havent dug deep enough.



“I really love the dedication and inspiration she brings to the table. Each step is carefully planned and her feedback…

Annika CEO quickfood.com

“My team would have been able to perform on this level without Nathalie. Her thinking is just incredible.”

Susan CIO New-Learning Institute

“Digital-strategies.com is about innovation. Without Nathalie we would not have the market position we have.“

Marc & Sven Co-Founders digital-strategies.com



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